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Are the main lifts enough for side delts and abs?

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  • Are the main lifts enough for side delts and abs?

    Just wondering, are the main pressing (bench/OHP) and pulling movements (lat pulldown/rows) enough for lateral delt development? I want to get those full 3D looking delts but it seems like direct side delt work doesn't do much and is a waste of time. What does Jordan do? I've also read that it's mainly genetics and that natural lifters will have a tough time developing them.

    Same thing with abs, is it worth doing additional work on top of squats and deadlifts? I have a machine crunch in my gym which has zero spinal loading but once again I'm not sure if it's even stressful enough to be useful.

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    What is a lateral deltoid?

    As far as what you need to do to get bigger shoulders, it depends where you're at in your training career. You may only need OHP, Bench, deads, and rows right now or you may need more work. I dunno...

    Same thing with abs. The big lifts are more than enough ab work for novices, but not for more advanced lifters.
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