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  • Neck Gainzzz

    Hey everyone!

    Perhaps a funny question, but how likely is neck circumference growth when strength training after you hit target weight? For context, I am 6'0" 205-208. I like this size and could maybe see myself going up to 215, 220 max. Asking for general knowledge and sartorial gains as well.

    Thank you for your time,


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    I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if your neck will grow as you train and gain weight? (Yes)
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      My apologies for the unclear question, Austin. I'm really just curious as to how prone/sensitive the neck musculature is to grow given the types of lifts we are doing. For instance, if I gained 10 lbs I know I'd see an increase in the size of my ass, back, and chest, but maybe not my calves. I hope that clears up what I was asking. If not, let this thread die in shame.


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        If I may add something to this from a more bro / anecdotal point of view:

        While it isn't quite clear from your question whether you desire to have a bigger neck, there are ways in which you could train it directly if you wanted to. Anecdotally, people who are very strong also grow big necks - looking at Austin and Jordan, they both have thick necks, but they are also both 600+ deadlifters. So what I would say is: if you really want a big neck, you could possibly add in some more specific training instead of waiting for your deadlift to reach 600, just as others might do some biceps curls instead of waiting for their chinup to get super strong. If you do neck curls and extensions for example, you will even have another way of measuring your neck progress via strength instead of just putting a tape measure around your neck.

        Since we are now crossing over into the territory of bodybuilding, I would point you to the following video if you're interested in direct neck training. There are even some neck exercises which have some scientific backing. I've also heard of combat athletes who do direct neck training.

        (I hope it's ok to post youtube links here?)