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Squatting with Uneven Leg Strength

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  • Squatting with Uneven Leg Strength

    Quick stats on me: Male / 32 / 6'2" / 208lb

    Current lifts (5RM): SQ 190 / P 115 / BP 175 / DL 275

    In 2010, I was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of my left piriformis muscle (acetabular fracture and hip dislocation). I also have a tibial nail on the left side.

    Though I am still able to train, I have trouble squatting anything above 195. Video of my work sets reveals that I am relying on my stronger right leg to get out of the hole, shifting my hips to the right. Are there training recommendations for evening out this strength imbalance or specifically strengthening my weaker (left) leg?

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    Find the weight where you can squat evenly - even if you have to tempo squat and/or cue yourself to "stay off" the stronger side, and accumulate more training volume to work up from there.
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