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Is it time for a light squat day?

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  • Is it time for a light squat day?

    Hello Barbell Medicine! I began SSLP about seven weeks ago. I came into it from being approximately one year into another program and began with:

    Squat: 225lbs
    Press: 120lbs
    DL: 310lbs
    Bench: 205lbs

    I was able to progress my squat to 290lbs where I ran into my first incomplete set of 5, 3, 5 ( due to poor balance on the second set. I then missed one week for a vacation and reset my squat back to 280lbs. I have now made it to 300lbs for 5, 4, 4 and repeated 300 lbs at the next session only getting 5, 3, 3. I reset my weight back to 285 last night and performed 5, 5, 5. My question is should I switch to the light squat day when I run into my next incomplete set? I found the chapter in "practical programming" a little vague on when to switch from resets to a light day.

    I'm now at:

    Squat: 285 lbs (second reset)
    Press 142.5lbs (have made one reset)
    Bench press: 220lbs (will be re-attempting 225 for a second session tomorrow)
    DL: 350lbs

    I am a healthy 35 year old male, 6'2" 225lbs injury free and have been mindful of quality nutrition, maintained my weight and been very consistent with training. I also incorporate 40 minutes of jogging on non-training days.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated from you!


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    After 2 resets, I'd probably do the light squat day right now to extend your LP. I'd probably not jog on all your days off too...
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