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Volume/Recomp or power through?

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  • Volume/Recomp or power through?

    Hey coaches, I am 25 years old and 5'6.2. I've been doing starting strength for what feels like forever had some time off over the summer due to sports related injuries. I worked my way back up and I am 181-183lbs BW and about 22-24%BF(creeping up), my lifts all 5x3 are SQ-285lbs, BP-177.5lbs, DL-315lbs, and OHP-120lbs(still going up with micro plates). I've been started doing the light squat day around 260lbs. I eat like a horse 4000-4500 calories a day, some days less depending on how much I can cook or eat with work/class. I feel like if I sleep 8-9hours a day I may could milk my squat up to about 310-320ish but its starting to kick the crap out of me. I got one set of 5 today @290lbs and couldn't get but one more rep on my next set. Last friday I couldnt even work up to 290 I was so tired, and I also failed my BP @180 the same day, and a couple of weeks ago I failed my OHP but I had been studying for exams late the night before so that was just a hard day. My question is should I try to power throught at this point and dial in on sleep and maybe get 2-3 more weeks out of SS or should I start worrying more about voulme/ recomp and switch The Bridge?
    Thanks man
    P.S. If Austin sees/ answers this thanks for the response about the elbow pain that article definitely helped me to start clearing that up, I never got to thank you for that.

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    You get one more 10% reset and run through your LP, then you should move on.
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      Good deal, thanks Jordan. Regardless of the outcome can I expect good strength/size gains while I run the bridge if I recomp or would I be better served to run it once while gaining maybe .5-1.5lbs a week then run it again and recomp?