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Recommended Lifting Gear & Equipment [possible sticky]

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  • Recommended Lifting Gear & Equipment [possible sticky]

    Note from Wonder Cat: I'll update this as I hear new info from the BMM crew. I've also added a category for clothing. Please share your top shorts/shirts picks with the forum.


    Deadlifts flat shoes.
    Soccer, wrestling, barefoot shoes, etc.

    Squats weightlifting shoes. Non-compressible, hard sole. Stiff boot. Straps to maintain foot arch.
    Adidas Power Perfect and Nike Romaleos are popular on the forum. Jordan recommends the Adidas Adipower in his video linked below.

    An old video from Alan Thrall on shoes and squats

    Jordan deadlifting 705 barefoot

    Jordan discussing weightlifting shoes


    Belts increase the stiffness of the back segment. This means the back is less likely to move under load. This occurs by increasing intra-abdominal pressure and the intra-muscular pressure of the muscles surrounding the trunk. Belts don't decrease muscular activity of muscles in the core. Belts may provide a psychological benefit. Belts don't tend to prevent back injuries or low back pain.

    General belt recommendation: 4 inch wide, 10mm thick, single prong.
    For competitive powerlifters: 4 inch wide, 13mm thick, single prong or lever.
    For weightlifters: you can get away with using a velcro belt.

    Alan Thrall's perfect belt

    Jordan's belt of choice

    Austin's belt of choice

    Austin squatting in a lever belt

    A short talk by Jordan on belts

    Other options

    Garage Gym

    Rack Rogue R-3 Infinity Bolt Together w/ 30" depth =

    Barbell Rogue Ohio Power Bar w/ protective coating (stainless steel, zinc, cerakote) =

    Platform Thrall's deadlift platform video. If you're mounting a rack, double the size from 4x8 to 8x8 =

    From Austin:

    Basics = quality rack, quality bar, weights/weight tree, bench, platform

    "Extras" (IMO): additional bars / specialty bars (like SSB or Duffalo), deadlift jack, pulling blocks, conditioning tool (Airdyne), adjustable bench, chains/bands

    Of the above, I own everything except an adjustable bench and chains, which I'll probably get eventually. I also own a 15 kg women's bar and an 5 kg aluminum training bar with some 10 and 25 lb bumpers for coaching purposes. I don't feel like I "need" anything else, to be honest.

    If I had unlimited money to throw at a gym, I'd get a couple ER Combo Racks, a set of calibrated Eleiko competition plates, a couple Eleiko power bars, and a belt squat machine. Maybe some weightlifting equipment too, just for fun.

    I'm sure others will have more exciting answers than me.

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    Excellent summary. Thanks for sharing.


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      Leah posted a longer list of recommendations on the Barbell Medicine Facebook group back in March.

      This link goes directly to that post.
      Barbell Medicine has 3,171 members. Barbell Medicine aims to vertically integrate strength training and medicine to produce an army of social change...
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