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Recomp while gaining strength

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  • Recomp while gaining strength

    Hello Jordan and Austin,

    I'm a 5'6" 23yr old male, 195lbs, 36" around the umbilicus, 15" for the neck. I trained SL5x5 for 6 mos. last year then dropped off for a bit once I started stalling repeatedly. I decided to start back up after about 8mos. and feel that your resources and reading SS 3rd have helped me better understand that more strength is something I want to pursue. Thanks for all that I've learned thus far.

    Currently I'm running a 3x5 LP (NDTFP - rows...soon I'll be starting PCs), strength-wise I'm back to about where I was when I stalled doing SL5x5.

    My best 1rm lifts are (in lbs):
    DL: 375,
    Press: 140,
    BP: 190.

    I haven't taken any BF% tests, but I believe I'm floating around 23-26% based on the navy bodyfat calculator. Currently staying at the same weight at 2300cals, 200P, 215C, 70F (it's been pretty consistent for a month), and don't think I want to gain weight, given that I'm already mid 20s% bodyfat. Should I be running SSLP if I'm trying to sit at the same weight (recomp at this weight)?

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    Yep, the Novice LP is the place to start.
    IG / YT