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  • Lagging Grip

    What is the suggested course of action for repairing a lagging grip?

    Scenario, in the middle of the SSLP the grip doesn't keep up with the DL and straps are introduced. They are used for over a year. Without resetting the DL what is suggested to improve grip? And where would these exercises fit into The Bridge or 7 Week GPP for example?

    Personal context: I have something going on with my forearms and have for twenty years. Maybe from a job in produce as a kid where my forearms were consistently submerged in ice water and/or poor typing form through academia and a career in programming. Anyway, when I got to 315 in my LP my grip could not keep up across five because of the pain. Overall, sometimes it hurts to squeeze a fist, squeeze a ketchup bottle sometimes not. It always hurts to curl to some degree. Usually I can work through the pain and shake it out after I do the curls in the GPP. Curls do seem to reduce the occasional pain in day to day life. I have not seen a medical professional because I assume I'm going to be told I have arthritis or carpal tunnel and should stop lifting. I also feel like I'm getting some sort of repetitive stress from using my phone exacerbating this. Wish I were kidding.

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    Where does it hurt?

    How much weight are you pulling?

    What kind of bar are you using?

    What kind of grip are you using when not wearing straps?

    Are you using chalk?
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