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Maintaining strength after breaking left arm & wrist bone

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  • Maintaining strength after breaking left arm & wrist bone


    I'm currently sat in hospital, after breaking my left arm and wrist bone in 2 places (bike accident). A metal plate (and wires) have been used in an op. Should be able to attach the 'before' x rays at some point. I do know that the arm bone that broke also got moved out of alignment, not sure if relevant.

    I had just started The Bridge 1.0 and had completed the first 2 days of week 3 before the incident.

    34 inch waist

    Latest e1RMS:
    Squat - 90kg
    Deadlift - 119kg
    Press - 42.5
    Bench - 55kg

    Is there anything you could recommend to maintain the strength I have built? My arm should be healed in 3 months according to the surgeon, provided there are no complications.

    I assume there is 0% chance of me being to squat/press/bench - but can I Deadlift with my right am? And should I move to leg press in place of squatting? What upper exercises can I do? Finally, should I eat at maintenance with lots of protein? Previously I was eating 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight, daily.

    Thank you so much in advance for any and all help!

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    I'd SSB Squat and Leg press.

    I'd do unilateral DB and/or machine work with the good arm.

    One-arm deadlifts w/straps, OR something like these:

    Maintenance with plenty of protein sounds like a good idea.
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