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GPP / Hypertrophy Template Clarification

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  • GPP / Hypertrophy Template Clarification

    So I just recently purchased the GPP / Hypertrophy template and I had a couple questions.

    1- The RPE section refers to dropping the load by 5% for backoff sets. Am I correct in assuming that this is due to RPE section being generic to all templates? I do not see anywhere in the program that back off sets are prescribed.

    2- Is the BONUS arm work section applicable across all training days? Or would 1 or 2 days a week be more appropriate as time and energy allow.

    3- Is there a template-specific intro video I am missing? Or are those still in progress? My link goes straight to generic welcome vid.

    Rest looks great. Excited to get into it.

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    Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

    1. Yes, the RPE tab is a general introduction to the idea.
    2. Ideally you will do the arm work after lifting on all three training days. Arm GainzZz for this template!
    3. There is not a specific video for this template. Yet, at least. :-)