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  • Trap Bar Questions

    Hello Dr.

    I have a few questions about the best way to use the Trap bar (I own one in my home gym). I have been having issues with squatting with wrist and shoulder pain, which have been preventing my from squatting with the frequency that I want. The trap bar seems to be a useful tool/accessory for me since I can use it with higher volume totally pain free. I do plan on continuing on working on my squat, but want to keep training while I work on this.

    For the trap bar, with other factors being similar (volume, recovery, diet, etc), does it have similar hypertrophy potential as the back squat?

    I have been alternating between the high handles and low handles. Would it be better to go lower weight and use the low handles since the ROM is a bit longer to mimic the squat more?

    I have completed my LP and my squat 1rm is about 320. I was squatting twice to three times per week.

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    It does not have similar hypertrophy potential as the back squat with respect to the legs given the range of motion is much less. I would say HBBS or Front squats would be better to work on your squat than replacing volume with the trap bar deadlift, though you could use it as a supplemental lift, sure.

    It doesn't matter on the high handles vs low handles IMO.
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