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Heavy training early in the morning

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  • Heavy training early in the morning

    Hi Docs,

    i remember reading a while ago on the interwebs that doing some heavy spine compressive training (squats, deadlifts) early in the morning could potentially be more risky than doing it later in the day after some warming up of the overall core/back musculature while moving around during the day.

    Sounds to me like this could be total bullshit and that properly warming up with the empty bar and progressive loading should provide enough waking up of the necessary muscles.

    That being said, still makes me a bit paranoid about training too soon after waking up when i know i won't be able to make it in the evening.

    Any clear answer on that ? Maybe a nuanced one ? Let's say there's no difference in terms of injury risk, is it any less optimal (not that it matters that much, just curious) ?

    Thanks !

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    It's total bullshit. Notice the absence of actual data presented.
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