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Thanks for the pain science mantra

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  • Thanks for the pain science mantra

    Was just thinking today about the frequency with which I use your advice on pain. Even before consuming all of your content on pain science, etc, I knew that I had a serious ability to create psychosomatic pain even without stimulus (just watching Rip's shoulder rehab video gave me a phantom rotator cuff tear for a week, seriously). Realizing that it was also coming into play with "real" injuries, i.e. ones with a proximate cause I could identify such as tweaking my back during training was a real revelation.

    I have heard you guys repeat yourselves about how to deal with tweaks and such so many times that it is almost annoying at this point. Still, it's been beaten into my head so much that over the past several months I've had MANY back/shoulder/pec/quad pains that I have dealt with by remaining calm, not catastrophizing, and training through it. The repetition in hearing it has made it more present in my mind as a strategy on dealing with these issues and I think that's really made it actionable rather than just theoretical for me.

    Anyway, thanks for making me realize the pain is just in my head (just kidding).


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    Glad it's sinking in, Patrick
    IG / YT