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Trouble with Front Squat

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  • Trouble with Front Squat

    I just finished The Bridge and transitioned this past week to the Hypertrophy program. So far I am loving it, but Friday's workout left me with a training question.

    I am horrible at front squat. It's probably just a combination of being tall (6'4) and being so used to the forward lean on a low bar squat, but whatever it is, I have a really difficult time with it.

    I foolishly though that Friday's myorep lift would be a good time to work on my form as it is at a much lower weight. As you could probably guess, it went horribly as my form broke down almost immediately. For the remaining 6 weeks I'm going to just focus on either of the other two S-D2 options.

    However, with all that said, I arrive at my two questions: first, is there a way you would recommend working in front squat in small, light bouts so that I can work on form, and if so when? I'll be running the 12 week Strength Template after the hypertrophy, but whether it is now or later, I believe I need some light sessions on front squat in order to get it figured out (without compromising my scheduled lifts). I'm confident I can get it down with a little practice.

    Second, should I forgo the Adipowers in favor of Chucks? My problem is that I am leaning too far forward. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    You can either accumulate the front squat practice in other ways, or use something like a high bar squat that you may be able to better execute sooner.

    As for the shoes - heeled weightlifting shoes do not cause forward lean. In fact, by helping get the knees further forward, they actually help people stay more upright (hence why they are used in weightlifting, where you need to catch cleans and stay very upright). If you switched to flats you'd likely end up leaning even further forward.
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