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Lagging Grip Pt2

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  • Lagging Grip Pt2

    I didn't get a chance to reply before the previous thread was locked - attached. This is what Dr. Baraki asked:

    Where does it hurt?

    How much weight are you pulling?

    What kind of bar are you using?

    What kind of grip are you using when not wearing straps?

    Are you using chalk?

    Where? Ugh sorry for the vague term but, "inside" the forearm up a couple inches from the wrist to the elbow on the back of the arm, not in the belly or the top.

    How much weight? Deadlift with straps is [email protected] RPE 8. I will warm up strapless to a few with 315, but that usually hurts and my grip will fail by three reps.

    What kind of bar? Texas bar for deadlift when it is available - usually is. Occasionally it's a standard silver Olympic bar - big box gym standard issue I guess. When curling I will use a fixed weight EZ curl bar while holding at the centre portion that is fairly straight.

    Grip? Palms back usually. On a whim I'll hold alternate though not very often as my working sets with straps are never alternate. Palms back when using the straps. No hook grip.

    No chalk. Not allowed at this gym though I have seen it used and could probably get away with it.

    What is the suggested course of action for repairing a lagging grip? Scenario, in the middle of the SSLP the grip doesn't keep up with the DL and straps are

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    Yeah, I'm not sure what's causing your forearm pain issues for that long (20 years), so I'm not sure the extent to which this can be "fixed" without a better diagnosis. If it bothers you enough, you could try getting it evaluated, otherwise - and if you don't plan to compete - I'd just continue training with straps.
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      Thank you. I will, eventually, see someone about it. Lately it hasn't been as bad and I'm at the end of the 7 Week GPP. I *think* the supplementary arm work helps. Would it be recommended to continue the supplementary arm work during a Press/Strength/Bridge Template? Maybe at a lower intensity so as to not interfere with the strength work?


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        Sure, that's a reasonable idea.
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          Ok thank you. I think I'll attach the arm work to GPP days.