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squat shoe selection and body type

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  • squat shoe selection and body type

    This is a purely hypothetical question, so no worries if you have to gloss over it to address more pressing posts.

    I read over the recent thread Dr. Baraki commented on regarding front squats, in which he briefly addressed the benefit of being more upright during squats that a heeled shoe can present.

    I know by that by default, BBM coaches advocate squatting in heels, and all train this way to my knowledge.

    Are there ever instances where you would recommend a lifter to wear flats? I'm thinking particularly of very long-torsoed, short-femured lifters (the prototype Asian Olympic weight lifter build) whose low bar squat is probably still relatively upright and quad dominant. For these lifters, in addition to squatting low bar to recruit more hips into the lift, would you recommend flats to further transfer some stress from the quads to the hips via a slightly more inclined torso angle?

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    I've experimented with this in a few folks who had extremely upright low bar squats.

    As you may expect, the difference was not earth-shattering ... so I ultimately left it up to their preference.
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