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Bridge 2.0 Questions - likely related to other templates

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  • Bridge 2.0 Questions - likely related to other templates

    I'm a Novice lifter, just wrapped up LP and starting Bridge 2.0. I think I've mostly figured the template out, just have one or two questions:

    * AMRAP work should be done in submaximal sets - Which sets are submaximal? This applies just to C-* lifts?

    In the podcasts you guys mention an approximate 5% delta between RPE increments, but using the calculator to figure Reps @ RPE, it looks more like 3-3.6% ah, well, I guess that's not that big a deal, nevermind.

    Upper Back work -- not sure how to dice this one -- pick a weight I can do 6 minutes? AMRAP then rest, only counting the time done doing reps?

    Thanks! Signed up for a meet in December so looking forward to putting in some work.

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    Hi there and welcome!

    Amrap work-this is only prescribed for GPP on the Bridge 2.0. No barbell training days indicated AMRAP work.

    Upper back-yes, basically. You pick a weight (if using a barbell movement, otherwise you just do bodyweight reps), do a sub-maximal set, rest briefly and repeat over and over. Continue this cycle until the 6 minutes are up.

    Congrats on the meet sign up!


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      Got it -- the placement next to the "Competition Deadlift" Cell as opposed to immediately under the GPP cells confused me I guess. All makes sense now!

      Very excited about this community and all the information and motivation you all provide! Purchased a few templates this past week, so will run Bridge 2.0 then move to the 12-week strength and should just about line up for my meet.

      Thanks to all of you and my gym/team I look forward to powerlifting being a part of my life!