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comp lifts in a weekly timeframe

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  • comp lifts in a weekly timeframe

    what are the advantages of frontloading the comp lifts like you do ie: comp squat and comp bench on monday then comp DL tues, with variants later in the week? what are the advantages of spreading out the compl lifts ie: comp squat on monday, comp bench on wed, comp DL on fri?

    do sets of 5 or sets of 3 carryover better to your comp lift singles??

    thank you

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    1. We tend to be fresher in the beginning of the week, after a full weekend off. Note that the alternative schedule you mention there changes frequency as well (from MTTF to MWF). With that said, I've had clients who preferred to put C-D later in the week, either on day 3 or on day 4, which is a matter of experimentation to find what works best for an individual's training and psychology.

    2. What are you getting at with this question? Triples, being more "similar" to singles, would theoretically have "better" carryover ... but, assuming they're done heavier than the 5s, that comes with the cost of more fatigue, which can limit overall training volume. If they're done with the same weight as the 5s, you may not be getting as much motor unit recruitment (depending on the intensity being used) if the bar speed never slows down. This isn't as simple of a question as you may think.
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