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GPP clarification for The Bridge 2.0

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  • GPP clarification for The Bridge 2.0

    I was wondering about the GPP in The Bridge 2.0. It says that it should be performed 1x/week (weeks 1-4) and 2x/week (weeks 5-8). It also says LISS 1x/week (weeks 1-4), HIIT 1x/week (weeks 5-8), upper back work 2x/week and ab work 2x week.

    Does this mean that weeks 1-4 GPP is done 1x/ week, including upper back work ab work and LISS, and weeks 5-8 GPP is done 2x/week including upper back work, ab work and alternating LISS with HIIT (being performed 1x/week each)?

    Thank you for this wonderful forum and all the great information!

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    Hi Jonathan! The GPP for weeks 1-4 is 1x LISS and 2x of upper back and ab work. In week 5, you add the HITT.


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      Shit i did it wrong the whole time.
      Did week 1-4 , 1x liss and 1x back & abs.


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        if I could piggy back on this: Bridge 2.0 and GPP Hypertrophy have the bonus arm work as bicep curls and tricep press downs. curls I assume are just any sort of curls, preferably with a curl bar or DBs, are there any free weight exercises suggested for tricep press downs that doesn't require the cable machine?


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        LTEs, band pressdowns, etc
        IG / YT