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  • OHPress form

    Hey there, I tried to post earlier, not sure if it just didnt post or if you rejected. Anyhow, apologies if it was.

    Wanted to always say thank you for the great content, it's refreshing to say the least that there is people like you giving back to the world of health.

    Basically I had a question about form, If there was something I may be doing or could do different to prevent this weird nerve like shock that happens in my right forearm when pressing in my heavy worksets. I'm a novice doing the SS NLP and I use a good RIP grip, elbows slightly in front of the bar, I break the bar to create external rotation torsion, my hands are just slight outside of elbows, I have a decent wide stance, wear a belt, breathe and brace, drive hips to clear the face and exlode up and through, etc. In other words, I feel like I have pretty good form, but I may be missing something. Have you heard of others having similar burning, shocking nerve pain in the forearm while pressing and do you have a suggestion of how to correct form to prevent it from happening? Any advice would be helpful.

    Other than that, all lifts are doing great, im progressing on all of them and getting stronger every week.


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    I noticed many lifters using wrist supports. My wrists don't hurt, it's just that shooting signal in my right forearm. Do you think wrist supports could solve this issue?


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      Your description is not consistent with the form that we teach. I would recommend you stop trying to "break the bar," and your hands shouldn't necessarily be "outside" your elbows either.

      I unfortunately can't predict whether wrist wraps will help.
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        ok, i will re-watch some SS overhead press vids, re-read the press chapter in SS and try to correct my form. In the future I plan on signing up for coaching, currently it does not fit my budget but I know that would be the best. Thanks for the reply.


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          I’m 95% sure I know what your experiencing. I feel the same thing sometimes. It’s not coming from the wrist but more like from the elbow and shoots down to the wrist. Almost as if your nerve is a really tight rubber band and someone is popping it against you while shocking you haha if that’s makes sense. One thing I have felt that helps me is a slightly wider grip than most people prescribe and also to really tighten your flutes and lean back more so your elbow joint is more open. I would suggest trying that. I haven’t completely figured it out for me yet though that seems to help.