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  • Snag in SSNLP

    Hey guys, quick question. I've hit a bit of a snag. I'm squatted 270lb today and almost didn't make the last rep. I'm seeing the regular weight increase outpace my adaptation. My bench has completely stalled at 175. I feel like the linear progress is coming to a close prematurely, and I'm sure a lot of it is due to not eating enough. How do I move through this? Increase calories and continue as normal? Back off the weight and continue the LP from there? Change to intermediate programming? Give up my current lifestyle to become a Buddhist monk? Any guidance would be appreciated.

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    2) What are your goals?
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    • Mugflub
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      Thanks for the prompt reply. I did read that article, and it's the reason I decided that food intake is most likely a major factor. I'm also quite certain that it's about time to switch to 2.5lb increases for the press and bench.

      What wasn't fully clear to me was if anything should change with the weights. Do I continue from where I failed or step back a few increments? I apologize if this is answered elsewhere on the SS forums or in the book. I've read the book but don't remember some of the finer details.

      One of the reasons I'm particularly tempted to either do a light week or step back a few pounds is because my tendinitis is getting bad enough to where it starts to interfere with basic daily functioning like lifting groceries. That's a whole other topic that I'm still researching.

    • Austin Baraki
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      There's no one "best" approach, and in the long run it all comes out in the wash anyway. You can do a small (~5%) reset while you get your food intake adjusted in the right direction.

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    Just realized I didn’t answer your question about my goals. My goal right now is simply to finish the LP before deciding what to do next. I want to legitimately exhaust my novice gains.