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HLM - adding A LITTLE more press & thank you!

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  • Austin Baraki
    Welcome to the forum! Nice work with your training so far.

    1. Yes, that'd be fine.

    2. If you would like to post a form check to our BBM Facebook page, you can get some advice there regarding your DL. Most of the time, we just cue the necessary effect and have people accumulate more training volume at loads where they can hold the technique together to a reasonable degree.

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  • MFrydryszak
    started a topic HLM - adding A LITTLE more press & thank you!

    HLM - adding A LITTLE more press & thank you!

    Hello, oh wise & beautiful ones.

    Quick preface & thank you - I started of 2016 weighting around 350 pounds. Discovered weights and after a dark period of doing silly stuff & sixpack shortcuts (brr....) I found that old, fat, funny talking fella that is obviously an ass, but seems to know his stuff. By today I`m around 238lbs at 6`1 and 37 years old.

    I built myself a little gym and did the SSLP, right after that I did your bridge, and I`m now on the 7th week of the HLM.

    Durning HLM my squat went up by 45lbs to 275lbs @ rpe8, my deadlift is around 350lbs (I`ve actually ran out of plates), bench is 210lbs, overhead press is 155lbs.

    It`s still nothing heavy, but I`m satisfied with the steady progress and improvements in technique - my left shoulder and knee were in a pretty bad shape and it took a lot of effort for me to simply get under the bar for squats. But hey, it got better and that knee pain I`ve had since I was 20? Gone.

    Due to the fact that I`m on a slight calorie deficit at 2200-2300 (with 200-220 grams of protein a day) I think I`ll just run the HLM until I`m done with the silly overweight nonsense.

    Here are my questions:

    1 - I`d like to add some more press. Will something like your article: be fine in a HLM?

    2 - While deadlifting the 160kg (single) does not feel ultra mega uber heavy to me (RPE 8-9, depending on the day), but on the videos I can clearly see that my back arches a bit right after the lift off. Ar 140 and below I`m fine. Would doing some RDL help me with that or should I just shut up and do more deadlifts for reps?

    Once again - thank you guys, my life actually changed A LOT due to your work with SS and now BBM.