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Thumb Numbness/Tingling from Hook Grip

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  • Thumb Numbness/Tingling from Hook Grip

    At a 140kg deadlift for 1 set of 5 my thumbs slipped at the top of the rep on reps 4 and 5. The next workout at 145 kg 1 set of 5 I switched to the hook group. I used the hook for my warmup to try and accumulate myself to it. I got through the set fine and the hook grip was uncomfortable, but it is supposed to be at first. However, I am close to 72 hours after that lift and have some numbness/tingling in my right thumb. I do not have any of the symptoms in my left thumb. I'm guessing this is normal but should I be concerned? I am training through it today because I don't feel it will limit me. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    How has it progressed (if at all) since then? Hard to give a clear answer on this through the forum, to be honest.
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