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Pause squats are a no go, what would be a good replacement?

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  • Pause squats are a no go, what would be a good replacement?

    Hey Coaches

    So, long story short, I have a knee injury that screwed up my squatting for about a year. While I can squat full depth now, any kind of hanging out at the bottom makes the pain flare up real bad. As such, pause squats, pin squats etc. are sort of a no-go for me.

    What would be a suitable replacement? I figure that any old squat variant would probably be just fine, but I wanted to check if you guys had any ideas on a squat variant that would be a particularly good fit for that slot.


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    Sounds like any sort of squat that doesn't involve hanging out in the bottom would be fine. Beltless squat, tempo squat, etc. or something like SSB/high bar if your knees do OK with that are valid options too.
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      Oddly enough, I squat mostly high bar, although it is relatively bent over (for a high bar squat). I had actually been using the SSB in place of pause squats, so seems like I had the right idea!

      Thanks for the response.