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Questions restarting volume and intensity

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  • Questions restarting volume and intensity

    After watchin the programming series in barbellmedicine YouTube I have some questions about volume and intensity.
    1)Does volume and/or intensity increases from microcycle to microcycle or do they stay the same for the entire mesocycle?

    2)What's the minimum and maximum amount of sets/week per lift (and its variations) you program for someone in order to see strength and hypertrophy progress?

    3)How do you find out how many sets to program for an individual athlete?

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    Hey John,

    Thanks for the post and I hope you're well. As for your questions:

    1) We have used both productively.

    2) There are no values for this.

    3) Previous experience with others who are similar in training history and perceived responsiveness and then, more importantly, empirical evidence from how that lifter responds.
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