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Post-injury training

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  • Post-injury training

    I can't imagine why this topic wouldn't have been covered already, so I might need to practice up on my Googling skills. I've searched the forums as well as online. Sorry, if I should already know the answer to this question.

    When returning from an injury (or other period of detaining), do your recommendations vary greatly from SS? I.e., drop the weight and run a modified type LP before getting right back into your "normal" programming?

    My plan is to start the Strength Template once I can go pain free below parallel on the squat again. I've been dealing with some medial left knee pain for a little over a month now that has progressed from annoying to down right painful when parallel, even with 10 reps of an empty bar. Even riding a bike causes it to flare up and then for 24 hours post-training it hurts and is stiff when I bend my knee more than 90 degrees, walk up stairs, etc. I'm not too concerned at this point and have started using the leg press instead of squats for the time being as it causes zero pain due to, I assume, the decreased range of motion. Unless you suggest otherwise, I'm going to continue using the leg press for a few weeks and then start feeling out how much weight I can handle squatting. I've posted some form checks with the SS crew and have generally received good feedback.

    I have not yet attempted RPE, which is partly why I'm posting. Instead of a modified LP once I start squatting again, does RPE allow a lifter to just get right back into his/her original programming?

    One other quick question: I have the GPP template as well. Running doesn't hurt, so if I decided to drop some fluff for a few weeks while my knee is doing it's thing, can I do the GPP template with the leg press (or at least start it with the leg press)? Considering there are only two main lifts each session and one is often a squat.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Depends on the context entirely.

    I do not think that there is anything elegant about the NLP post injury so no, it is not my routine recommendation.

    I think it's fine if you use the leg press, but I would try and figure out a way to squat.

    I do think that learning RPE is a good skill to have for programming.

    I probably wouldn't run if you have knee pain that prevents you from squatting.
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      Thanks for the response, Jordan. I think I included too much information in my initial post, I can be long winded at times. Boiled down, my primary question is what you generally recommend (I realize it is context dependent) a lifter does after a prolonged period of detraining. You mentioned that NLP is not your routine recommendation post injury, so what is? I can't find anything you have written on the subject. If it is too complex a subject to answer in the context of a forum post, would it be something you might consider addressing in a future podcast?

      On a different topic, any news on UpToDate?


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        We don't have a routine recommendation because people are different and any general recommendation would need endless caveats.

        For instance, I think The Bridge is a much better program than NLP for novices and post novices alike, but it would be inappropriate for someone who previously developed pain whilst running it and causative factors would need to be investigated. Alternatively, if a person is post op from a rotator cuff and can't do 90% of The Bridge...that would be a bad recommendation right?

        So, I have no specific recommendations. There is no "best way" to get back into training that is different from the "best way" to train, in general. So, a progressively overloaded program that develops the entire spectrum of physical characteristics well without undue risk would be my recommendation.

        As far as UpToDate, it was published earlier this month on their website
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