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Questions regarding some templates

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  • Questions regarding some templates

    I think my post didnt go through. I wanted to ask if it's fine to cycle the Hypetrophy and strength template for someone who just wants to be decently strong and have some muscle. The idea would be to gain some muscle, then build a lot of strength, peak and repeat, maybe throwing a GPP or endurance template from time to time.

    The other thing that I didn't understand from the hypetrophy template was the GPP days. It says that sprints and SSC should be performed 1 time a week and Upper back and abs 2 times. Does that mean that on one of the days you do the sprints and jogging parts plus the upper back and abs, and on the other you do just the upper back and abs? I would love that clarification

    Thank you in advance

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    Most of the forums are moderated, Ricky- so be patient and we'll approve your posts

    As far as the idea of cycling the hypertrophy and strength templates- that's a fine idea.

    The HIIT and LISS should be 1x/wk each and the other work are 2x/wk each. You summed it up nicely in your last sentence!
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