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  • Paused Bench

    For the competition bench: 1ct paused bench should I be pausing every single rep for 1ct? It seems like pausing every rep limits the amount of weight on the bar I can do. Is this the idea for less fatigue?

    I also don't think my bench has responded too much to this. I've completed the bridge and will be completing the HLM this week. Could I pause just the first rep and touch and go the rest or just carry on as prescribed?

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    We tend to perform competition paused bench with a pause on every rep.

    If you plan to compete, we would recommend performing the competition bench this way, as you should also be performing other touch-and-go variants.

    If you don’t plan to compete, it probably matters less and you can do the benching as you suggested.

    Regardless, a lack of progress on the bench is probably not attributable to the small difference in weight you can use with a paused set vs. touch and go.
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