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Resting Between Sets

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  • Resting Between Sets

    I like resting between sets. Usually at least 5 minutes once i get to the prescribed weight and reps.

    Obviously a break is needed for 'recovery from the lactic acidosis' in the muscle groups exercised'. And to recover from the lack of breathing associated with the valsalva. I'm now wondering - what other physiological processes may be undergoing recovery while i'm resting between sets? eg. how long does it take for the Calcium levels to return to maximum in the sarcolemma? Perhaps there is also some pain adaptation going on?

    I apologise for the overthinking, but it is interesting?

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    It certainly is interesting. Fatigue is very complex, and we unfortunately don't have the available time to lay out all the physiologic processes at play here. I will again refer folks to this article (and its references) as a starting point:
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