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failed Squats and light headed during reps

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  • failed Squats and light headed during reps

    For reference, I started the LP weighing 175lbs, 6 weeks in I am at 190lbs.

    I have been struggling with my squats. I just failed on my second set at 195.
    During each set, I get light headed during each rep, and have to pause between reps to regain composure.
    My groin tends to get sore after squatting.

    attached is my last successful set at 190.

    I currently do not use a belt. Besides using one, is there anything else that would help.

    Any advised would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Nate and welcome! These squats look like a bit of a grind, to be honest. I do think that if you want to invest in training and strength progress, I would get a pair of lifting shoes ASAP and second would come a belt (unless you can get them both now). With your breathing, you are waiting too long there with the bar on you back before the first rep-get under the bar, get your thoracic spine much tighter/upper back set, walk out, take one deep breath and squat. Aim to repeat that for each rep.

    Now as to the failed reps, proper shoes are going to help keep you more stable on your mid-foot. And then you need to work on really driving up hard with your hips all the way up, not lifting your chest. I'd have you reset your squat one time, work on that, use the FB group if needed for form help, and then when you finish this LP, move on to different programming.