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Replacement for light pull

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  • Replacement for light pull

    For whatever reason my knees are severely aggravated by Pendlay Rows. My power clean (for 3's) is probably (haven't done them in some time) less than half of my deadlift so I'm not sure they'd be useful as a pull variant. For the bridge, what other pull variant could I sub for Rows and how could I program them (in the context of the bridge) ? For example, if I went with RDL's, would I stick with 3-4 sets of 6-8 as with the Rows, or less volume considering I can do more weight with RDL's and the fact that RDL's produce more soreness (so, 2-3 sets of 4-6?)?

    PS, I tried subbing in DB Rows and those didn't aggregate my knees but there's not much lower body involvement so I couldn't imagine there's nearly as much carry over to the DL.

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    If your knees are being bothered by pendlay rows I probably wouldn't do RDL's or other pulls from the floor. I would do weighted chins or pull ups instead.
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      Thanks for the response. Will they program similar to the rows in the bridge?