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12 week strength template modification possible?

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  • 12 week strength template modification possible?

    Just bought the 12 week strength template and I must say it looks very professional and well planned out. Just a quick question, this is a 4 day a week program, is it possible to modify it to be 6 days a week so each sessions last littlebit shorter and my energy would be higher per session. Often when i get over 1,5 hours i get sluggish and tired and it makes me less productive. I do understand that fatigue is part of the game and that I probably would adapt to 2 hours sessions , sametime I've also read about the frequency project done with Norwegian powerlifters that took a 3 day program and divided the volume up to 6 day a week instead with superior results both hypertrophy and strength. So therefor the question if 4 day a week could be modified into 6 day a week without any major setback in the expected results. Thank you in advance for any insights regarding this.

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    We cannot make any guarantees that this modification wouldn't have any setback in your results. Preserved rest days (as you would have on this program) are important. It is possible to get the sessions done in 90 minutes if you stay focused, strict with rest periods, and adjust the RPEs accordingly.

    However, as we always say - you are an adult and are welcome to try anything and see how it goes.
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      Thank you for feedback. I think I will try it as it is laid out. When i think about it , it could be a nice change of pace.