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One side rising faster than the other on the deadlift and squat

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  • One side rising faster than the other on the deadlift and squat


    my girlfriend and i usually try to give each other some feedback on our heaviest sets for the day. I noticed that on the start of her deadlift, and while coming out of the hole during her squats, her left side rises faster than her right side, then evens out near the end of the lift. She deadlifts with a double overhand grip with straps and has never been diagnosed with leg length discrepancy.

    When you look from the back on the deadlift, her back stays erected and pretty even, but her left buttock rises 1 to 2 inches higher than the other for approximately half of the ascent. Happens also with sub 5rm weights. On the squat, it tends to be similar, except it also transfers to more "wobble" in the left leg, as if she has a harder time keeping the left knee out. When she lowers the weights, it happens less.

    I guess most of the issue on the squat could be corrected by lowering the weights and focusing more on the knees out part to strengthen it on both sides. Her technique on the deadlift is pretty good though so i am not sure what to tell her to correct that issue. It does not cause her pain, but i wonder what it can do in the long run. Is it actually an issue at all ? (since we are all not that symmetrical)

    Any thoughts on this ?

    Thanks !

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    Has she ever been coached? I'd recommend starting by posting a form check video to the Starting Strength FB page or forums, so a coach can assess the extent to which this is a significant issue.
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