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Some questions about 12W and Hyp templates

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  • Some questions about 12W and Hyp templates

    First of all, I'm loving the hypertrophy template, it's been a while since I was really looking forward to my next session. However, there's been a couple of questions that I had in mind (besides the ones that you guys answered).

    1- On the GPP days, should I stick to one movement for the upper back or do for example one vertical pull and one horizontal pull? Like chinups Tuesday and DB rows on Thursday.
    2- Should I change the excercise every month (or X time) or until I can't surpass my previous week max reps on the 8 minutes?
    3- What's the most optimal way to do the submaximal sets on the 8 Minutes? Lets say I do 12 chinups first at RPE 8, should I wait one minute (or X time) and go again at another RPE 8 or go by feel?
    4- Similar to number 2 but with Ab wheels. I really want to get good at them and I'm not having any problems 2x a week, but perhaps you guys recommend doing one abs wheels and one toes to bar for example.

    Thanks for reviving my passion to train!

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    Thanks for the post and glad to hear you're digging the template!

    For your questions:

    1) It doesn't matter.
    2) You can, but this isn't necessary either.
    3) Depends on the exercise and your capacity for it. Doing as many sets of as many reps as possible (that are submaximal) is the goal here, but I can't tell you if a minute rest yields better results than 45s rest periods. It depends on too many things.
    4) You could do ab wheel both days if you like.
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      Thank you Jordan!

      I forgot one more thing, when I switch to the 12 week strength, there would be no arm prescriptions. What would you suggest to at least keep the gains from the 3x a week from the Hypetrophy template?


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        Include the arm work on your 2 GPP days at least.
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          You got it! Thanks