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Using hookgrip makes RPE go up

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  • MC Wizzel
    I pull much easier with the hook grip, but I get a bad callous on my palm, where the pinky and ring finger start. It's strange at first but for me it got super easy after a few months. But again the pressure on the palm (lateral) is what I dislike the most.

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  • Jordan Feigenbaum

    Thanks for the post and I hope you're well.

    For your questions:

    1) Depends on what your goals are. In general, for an athlete competing in PL we advise doing most of the comp or priority deadlift work sans straps in order to practice and condition the grip. For non competitors, we recommend developing the grip using a similar approach but with less strength behind that recommendation, e.g. we care less. I think you should stick to the RPE regardless. I would probably pull all supplemental pulls with straps in this situation.

    2) All grip work improves the grip to some degree

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  • Skuqu
    started a topic Using hookgrip makes RPE go up

    Using hookgrip makes RPE go up

    First, thank you for the awesome work you are doing!

    I have two questions:

    1. Lately I have noticed that when I'm deadlifting and using hookgrip, the weight feels much harder especially when my hand/thumb is beaten up by the previous deadlift session. Grip strength has not been an issue for me but I feel that using hookgrip makes RPE go up needlessly. Is it ok to use straps with higher rep and heavier pulling work and hookgrip with lighter pulling work such as paused deadlifts? Or should I just lower the weight and use hookgrip on all pulling work?

    2. Does using the hookgrip improve the grip strength?