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Shoulder Pain in Barbell Bench only

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  • Shoulder Pain in Barbell Bench only

    I've been having pain in the front center of both shoulders the following day after flat barbell bench pressing. Looking at anatomy of shoulder, I'd best pinpoint the area to biceps short head tendon, or pec minor tendon, somewhere in there. The pain is focused to a relatively small area.

    -Training ~1yr
    -No pain on OHP (~155 1RM)
    -No pain during db flat press (up to 85s for 5reps) with full ROM.
    -I've tried several grip widths to no avail, the latest being ~22in (1.5x biacromial).
    -Taken a month off here and there from BB benching (switching to DBs) to give it some time, and then make adjustments.
    -A week ago I did 2x15x145 with no pain the following day. Yesterday I did 2x5x175 (prob 10rm) and the pain is back today.
    -I touch a bit below nipples, don't flare excessively, and do my best to keep shoulder retracted and tight.

    Not the end of the world to focus on OHP and just do DB but I'd love to be able to fix this issue if possible. Looked through tons of posts and videos but I can't figure it out.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!

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    A little unusual since you don't seem to be having pain during the bench press, but rather the day after.

    Most of the steps you've taken have been appropriate, except for the jump from 2 x 15 x 145 (??) to 2 x 5 x 175. Since there's a weight you can do without pain, start there, get some video for a form check (e.g., at the Starting Strength FB group or forums), and work up from there without taking 30 lb jumps.
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