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GPP Question for the Docs

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  • GPP Question for the Docs

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on the other website that conditioning activities that involve eccentric movements significantly interfere with and are counterproductive to resistance training. Is there a scientific basis for this view, or is this mostly received dogma that just keeps being repeated? Is the Prowler really the holy grail of HIIT, or can a well structured and well timed circuit of resistance exercises be a viable route for HIIT? I notice that your templates contain GPP slots for ab work, chins, etc. Is the key here that these GPP exercises do not replicate movements done on the main resistance training days so as to avoid interference with the strength training effect?

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    The specific idea being described here is that high volumes of eccentric loading tend to increase the risk of delayed-onset muscle soreness, which can interfere with strength training. In general, this is true. There's also some other literature on the "interference effect" between conditioning & strength that we've discussed before.

    However, we should also consider the role of the Repeated Bout Effect in ameliorating muscle damage and DOMS after repeated exposure to this sort of activity over time, making this less of a concern in the long term for people whose sport or conditioning modality of choice involves a substantial eccentric component.

    In other words, you can adapt to pretty much anything with enough training.
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