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Question on The Bridge v2.0 and Percentage Guidelines

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  • Question on The Bridge v2.0 and Percentage Guidelines


    as per subject, question about The Bridge v2.0 with regard to the Percentage Guidelines.

    Let's take week 3 for example. For the main lifts the program calls for 1 @ 8, 5 @ 8 x 4 sets, the percentage guideline is Single @ 90-93%, Volume @ 70-75%.

    1 @ 8 is in line with the 90-93% of a 1RM. However, 70-75% of the 1RM for the following sets looks incredibly low even considering a possible adjustment of the RPE due to the fatigue from doing a 1 @ 8 (it should be around an RPE 6 as per the calculator).

    I''ve completed the third week and just started the fourth, and so far for the volume sets I've always used a weight in line with the 5 @ 8 suggested by the calculator. I am no master when it comes to judge RPE but I've done it for a while now and well, those sets felt like they were at RPE 8.

    So the question is: are those percentage guidelines somehow wrong, I'm reading them wrongly, I'm incredibly strong (yeah, you wish) or I totally suck at judging RPE and what I think it's a 5 @ 8, is instead a 5 @ + ∞ ?

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    The percentage guidelines are correct, as there is pre fatigue from the single and fatigue build up during the repeated sets that we are taking int consideration.
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      Duly noted, I will adjust weights accordingly. Thanks Jordan.