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  • Next template to run

    Thought I'd get some quick directional opinions from you guys on this. Completed Bridge v1. On week 6 of Bridge v2.

    45 years old.
    5'10" 205lbs
    Waist/Hip: 37/39"
    Squat: [email protected]
    Dead: [email protected]
    Bench: [email protected]
    Press: [email protected]

    Was thinking of running GPP Hypertrophy next, but maybe I should just do another strength template since I'm gaining about a little less than .5 lb/week on average as it is on the Bridge.

    Note: If you think I should do a strength template, I can only train 3x per week, so it's either HLM or the 12-week Strength modified.

    Any recommendation or is it really just personal choice? My objective is to continue getting bigger/stronger in general. I want to gain up to about 215, and then lean out a bit. Also, I'll be looking to start some coaching with you guys early next year, so want to be setup for that too.

    Thanks for the tips!

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    Thanks for the post. It's mostly personal preference. I'd probably run the HLM given the 3 day/wk requirement.
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