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    Let's say we want to do 3 sets of SLDLs and 3 sets of paused deadlifts each week. Are there any benefits to doing them both on one day rather than on two separate days, other than perhaps making the rest of the program more tolerable?

    In other words, I'm wondering about the tradeoff between the benefits of frequency and the potential benefits of being able to produce a higher level of stress in one particular training session.


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    More frequency generally provides more skill practice (which can improve strength performance, to the extent it is a skill-dependent task, but may not have as substantial of an impact on hypertrophy). More frequency also generally allows for higher training volumes (which can improve both strength and hypertrophy outcomes). If you plan to keep the volume the same either way, then the "condensed" session would likely involve using slightly lower working weights for the second lift compared to having that second lift put elsewhere in the week (assuming an autoregulated program).
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