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  • Hiit

    I'm currently doing the GPP/Hypertrophy template and using the Airdyne for my cardio. I am in week 4 and had a question on the HIIT sprints.

    On the first 30 second sprint, I start out around 500 watts. After 10 seconds, I see can see the wattage drop ~20%.
    Subsequent sprints follow a similar pattern, but start out 10-20% slower than the first sprint.
    By the end, I am hitting around 425-375 watts.

    I am not even doing the full 10 sprints (stopping at 8). Maybe I should be doing more (DTFP), but my quads are dying after the first couple and I was previously coming from 0 cardio (outside NEAT and shorter rest periods).

    Is what I am seeing in my sprints normal? That's something I've always struggled with when incorporating cardio is I feel like I never see any progress so I don't know how much it's actually helping (vs. impacting recovery -- not saying "overtrained", just if it's good stress).

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    I think this is normal for someone who previously has not developed a high level of conditioning. You'll be fine! Keep going.
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      Ok, thanks for the reply!