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Timing for a Meet

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  • Timing for a Meet

    Although I have an idea of how to structure it I'm interested in you opinions in how to alter the program. As of today I'm 18 weeks out from my next meet. Leading into this meet i've decided to follow your 12 weeks strength program as I'm already programming for 8 lifters I'm taking with me to the meet I want to reduce my stress by just following a preset program. I'd consider myself and intermediate to high level lifting. Current stats are 51 years old 174 lbs 470 squat ( best squat 520, bench 340, best 357, deadlift 570 best 625 ). I have 6 weeks I need to fill in to be able to run the 12 week program in full.

    Thanks for any input.

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    You could potentially run the hypertrophy template for the first 6 weeks, and move on to the 12WS leading into your meet.
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