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GPP Question and more

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  • GPP Question and more

    Knowing what you now know..

    Since you're in your 30's do you think you could get close to where you currently are if you just now started training and had been previously untrained?

    PS: If Austin answers, do you still train Pren?

    PSS: GPP: I'm currently doing the Bridge 2.0. I noticed there is bonus work on days 1 and 3 (bis/tris). Is this so people actually do upper back / ab work for the GPP days? I was guilty of turning GPP days into Bi / Tri days before.

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    1) When you say "previously untrained", what do you mean? I started lifting weights after a long history of lots and lots of training in other sports, and the legacy of this training history certainly had significant effects on my strength adaptations since picking up a barbell. If I was starting now after 30 years of sedentary/non-athletic life, then no, I don't think I could get to where I am now.

    2) I train Prem a couple times a year, but don't coach him on an ongoing basis.

    3) Yep.
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