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  • Overshooting RPE

    I’m doing the hypertrophy template and am still in progress of maturing enough to be able to lower the weights to not overshoot my RPEs so frequently. In the meantime, if I’m doing a set of 6 @ 7rpe and by the time I hit the fourth or fifth rep I know ‘that is probably RPE 7 right there’, is it better to:
    a. Finish the set even though it’ll be more like RPE 8-8.5
    b. Stop right there since that effort was closest to the prescribed RPE despite losing a rep or two
    c. Stop the set, lower the weight, finish the set
    d. Do something else

    I know the best answer is to not get into the situation much in the first place, but I’m curious about the best choice in this situation.


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    Hitting around @8 when it's supposed to be @7 is not a big deal, so I'd finish the set and adjust as needed.

    Accidentally hitting @10 when it's supposed to be @7 is a problem, though.
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      What is the process when "Accidentally hitting @10 when it's supposed to be @7" ?


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        I'd re-calculate an e1RM based off that and estimate where you should be for @7 (or @8, depending on the programming Rx), then round down by another 5 lbs or so to account for the extra fatigue you just generated by hitting @10. Then, re-assess based on how that next set goes.
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