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Lower back involvement in deadlift

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  • Lower back involvement in deadlift

    Hello Doctors,

    Ive been deadlifting again after a while and have been doing a linear progression. I notice that my lower back seems to be doing most of the work when i deadlift. I use the 5 step deadlift that i saw on alan thralls youtube channel and found it easy to get into a consistent position. Should I be concerned that my lower back seems to be taking on most of the load while my hamstrings are not sore at all the next day? When Im setting up i do make sure to hip hinge and lean back off my toes to try to involve more of my hamstring but even though i feel tightness in the setup I still feel the lower back doing most of the work. I have a short torso, long femurs and long arms if that contributes at all to your answer. The weights are also still submaximal. Thanks!!!

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    Soreness is not a particularly good indicator of anything useful.

    If you'd like to get a form check, feel free to post a video to the FB group or to the unmoderated training forum here.
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