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  • Starting Strength Press Issues

    Good afternoon Dr's et al,

    I've been doing starting strength for about a month. I missed a workout Fri that would have been 1 month straight 3 days a week but I tweaked my back the night before and skipped it. I've always had a weak upper body, hell, body in general but that's besides the point here. I've been doing great making progress on the squat and the deadlift even if my numbers are still pretty low in general.

    My problem area seems to be the pressing movements. I've missed reps on both the press and bench now and I'm hesitant to simply reset and keep going. I've been following you guys for a while now. Should I start the press plug in?

    For reference I'm 6'-2" about 190lbs w/ 38" waist, eating about 2700 cal, 200g protein 30% fat, 30% protein, 40% carb and maintaining body weight.

    Squat: 105x5 start

    180x5 now

    Bench: 105x5

    132.5x5 (missed last 2 reps on last workout at 2.5lbs increase)

    Press: 75x5

    90x5 (missed reps a while back somewhere around 80lbs repeated that weight next workout and got all reps, went to 2.5lbs jumps from 5 at that point)

    Deadlift: 155x5

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    What is your question?
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