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Adjusting the templates for repetitive use

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  • Adjusting the templates for repetitive use

    Hey docs, how would one go around adjusting components of the template for the repetitive use assuming the first run yielded good results?
    I hypothesize(having not done so myself yet) the second run would work just fine keeping the template as it is, but the following uses would need more volume or have some changes to the accessory exercises used to give optimal results. If thats the case, how would one go about adding volume - more to the main lifts or accessories? Would that choice depend on the time left until the meet? Taking something like the Bridge for the example.

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    Hard to say for sure reliably. In general, assessing the response to the training and making changes we think will yield the same or better improvement would be the play, e.g. adjusting volume up or down, intensity up or down, changing variations based on predicted response, etc.

    As far as how to do any of those things, that's a pretty broad question. Not sure if I can answer that without typing out a "How to Program" book.
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