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lift like Tarzan look like Jane

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  • lift like Tarzan look like Jane

    This is a quick question, for fun. Background: I have been lifting weights for a long time. Seriously, like over 15 years very consistently. I have ok lifts at 215 bw 5'10" ht ie; squat 460, bench 420, dl 550, and press 245. I get asked continuously if I lift weights by everyone. I also have done some competing so when someone asks how I did a bystander at work or wherever else I am will express shock and say how I don't look like I lift weights, much less that much! My question is, why don't I look like I lift weights? This does not bother me necessarily as I have well defined goals and it's not on my radar to focus on hypertrophy but was just curious. Care to pontificate?

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    Do you think you look like you lift?

    What if the image in these people's minds is Ronnie Coleman?
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      That is an interesting thought. I guess the lay public automatically thinks "bodybuilder" when they here that someone is involved in serious weight training. As for my opinion of myself, I think I look like I lift weights if my shirt is small enough . Maybe I'll just switch to mesh medium, that should help.