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Squat type change?

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  • Squat type change?

    TL;DR During the last month of my novice LP I had to change from LBBS (low bar) to HBBS (high bar) because of debilitating shoulder & brachialis pain from it. I stuck with a bad grip for too long and by the time I tried to correct it I couldn't find a solution since everything killed it.

    Fast forward to today. I'm on week 2 of The Bridge. Today is my day off, but I spent an hour at the gym working on LBBS grip and form till I figured out what the issue is and how to fix it. I think I finally got it (better thoracic extension to create a better shelf)

    Whats the best way to integrate the LBBS back into the mix? I know I will have to start lighter as I get used to it, but the progress potential will then be much higher than 1x a week heavy squats on The Bridge.

    Will the rest of the bridge still be effective if II subbed the squat portion with the Advance novice LP squat schedule? Or do you have a different suggestion?

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    Just switch your HBBS to LBBS for the squat with belt and variants. I wouldn't change programming.
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