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Stretching out the 12 Week template

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  • Stretching out the 12 Week template


    I really enjoy the 12 week template, especially the first 8 weeks which is based more on a heavy single followed by percentage backoffs. My question is do you think it's okay or beneficial to stretch this period out longer? Maybe add an extra week at each percentage? I'm not competitive, and just lift for overall strength and hypertrophy. I find I feel the best during these 8 weeks of all the templates I've run, and I make the most progress. I'm 46, and I think the percentage-based approach based off the [email protected] just really hits the sweet spot for me in most every way. As soon as I start doing sets at RPE 8 across on most any program, things tend to slow down for me.

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    It sounds like you've made some observations about yourself that are useful to guide future programming decisions. This is exactly the kind of thing we talk about when we suggest people modify the programming based on their response. Give it a shot and see how it goes.
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